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"I got sick at 21 and spent the next 11 years confined to a hospital bed in my living room... until I developed the surgery that fixed me."  

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Transformational Thought Leader

I’m a Transformational Thought Leader.

What is that?

I transform the mental processes that your organization's leaders use to create breakthroughs that solve the problems you face.

How do you do that?

I deliver speaking programs and workshops that train your leaders how to tap into hope -- so they can use it to live out their mission and to tackle their daily work.  I combine that with practical training on the skills it takes to make unlikely things happen.

So you help people shift their thinking in specific ways to tackle the challenges they face, and you teach them specific skills and strategies that go along with that?


And you learned to do all of this how?

I learned all of this as a rare disease patient who spent 11 years homebound, leading the research into my own rare autonomic-adrenal condition.  During that time, I developed new uses for five existing prescription drugs, worked with 35 senior faculty at 28 different medical institutions, and developed the innovative adrenal surgery that fixed me.  


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"EVERY entrepreneur and innovator would benefit from hearing his story... one of the highest Net Promoter Scores in the history of our Connect At events...  you won’t be disappointed!"  Andrew Smith, VP for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the St. Louis Regional Chamber 

2017 Stanford Medicine X

2017 De Smet Jesuit Commencement Speech

Is Happiness Compatible with Suffering?

"No Job Beneath Me"

Audiences and Topics

Businesses and Organizations
  • Bet on Hope: Innovation Through the Lens of Hope.
  • Lessons on Trust and Teams from Leading Doctors, Dogs, Models and Movie Stars 
  • Custom Workshops
  • For Students: Passion, Trying, and the Science Fail
  • For Admissions: Hope Lives Here; 7 Necessary Sources of Hope
  • Custom Workshops
Science and Medicine
  • Innovating in a Trust-Based Environment
  • Transcending Noncompliance Through Shared Mission
  • Tension Between Science and Medicine
  • Custom Workshops 


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Trevor B, Principal, De Smet Jesuit

"I leaned over to [the assistant principal] during your speech and said you must be in the top ten graduation speeches nationally this year. Amazing."

Gina P, Branch Manager, U.S. Bank

“Your story has profoundly impacted me… your story has changed me and the world needs to hear it. I watch a lot of Ted talks and have never been so moved …”

Fr. Thomas C, President, Rockhurst University

"Thank you for sharing your remarks. They are incredible on so many levels…. I am humbled by your tenacity, heroism and humility."

Mark S, President MOACAC

"An amazing success story! Doug inspired the room. I've already booked him for another event!"

Bio and Description

A 2017 Stanford Medicine X Emerging Leaders Program ePatient Scholar, Doug Lindsay is a Transformational Thought Leader who gives keynote addresses and runs workshops on hope, character, and innovation.  Doug’s workshops and speeches go beyond inspiration because he focuses on inspiring behavior in audiences.  He teaches the skills and mindset it takes to make unlikely things happen. 

Doug developed these skills and mindset while researching and developing the surgery that fixed him after he became ill at 21 and spent the next eleven years homebound and bed bound.  Doug worked tirelessly for over a decade to become a medical miracle, and his story is too remarkable to be the stuff of fiction… 

At only 21, Doug Lindsay faced an almost impossible challenge when he was forced to drop out of college after developing a mysterious, debilitating illness. The doctors were stumped. His heart would race; the room would spin; his muscles would cramp and ache – all this if he’d stand for longer than a commercial break or walk further than 50 feet. Time passed and he didn’t get better. Doug spent 22 hours a day stuck in a hospital bed in his living room for the next eleven years… until he figured out what was wrong, developed novel treatments to keep it at bay, and then developed the surgery that fixed him!

Without a college degree or even the health to leave his house, Doug Lindsay built and led an interdisciplinary team of medical experts from across the nation and the world in his effort to translate a long forgotten animal surgery into a modern human surgery. He persevered, taught himself to become a world authority on aspects of his condition and treatment, developed new uses for five prescription drugs, and built relationships with senior faculty at more than two dozen institutions – all in an unprecedented, 21st century effort to innovate his way back to health. He earned the right to bet his life on the operating table for the surgery he’d rescued from the past… and it paid off!

Once recovered, Doug went back to school and finished his biology degree in May 2016. He now gives keynote addresses and runs custom problem-solving workshops.  Doug Lindsay has produced and cohosted a student event for TEDx GatewayArch; given the 2017 commencement address for De Smet Jesuit to a packed Peabody Opera House; written, produced, directed, and starred in a full-length feature film; and he’s been selected for Stanford Medicine X’s Emerging Leaders Program as an ePatient Scholar.

Doug’s speeches and workshops focus on how hope and resilience factor into innovation, on how to innovate in a trust-based environment, on character’s role in success, and on how viewing failure like a scientist can help you persevere and win!

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