Speaker Gives Great Talk Yet Still Loses His Head!


by Doug Lindsay

Several months ago, I was asked to speak to the volunteers of Wings of Hope, a two-time Nobel Peace Prize nominated humanitarian nonprofit.  Back when I was too sick to get to UAB hospital to finally get the surgery I’d developed for my own condition, Wings of Hope flew me.  So, we have a special history, and I think they are a wonderful organization: https://wingsofhope.ngo.

I gave them a great speech, but in the process I lost my head.

One of Wings of Hope’s program coordinators spoke just before me.  She was something like 11 inches shorter than I am.  And I framed her in camera… plus quite a bit extra… but apparently not quite enough.  When I looked at the footage later, I saw that the camera cut me off at the nose.

It would have taken just a few seconds to have someone check to make sure I was properly framed in the camera, but I didn’t want to do anything that would get in the way of me connecting to my audience.

The funny pictures tell the tale, but also reveal an important lesson:

  • Serving your clients is important, but watch to be sure you don’t shortchange yourself in a way that harms you but offers almost no benefit to them.

No one would have noticed a few seconds of delay at an informal gathering like that.  And if I’d have had someone check and then told the audience that I’d have ended up headless in the video but for the correction, it would have garnered a good laugh from the group. So, I learned that if you shortchange yourself…

You can give a great speech yet still end up losing your head!